are you really political correct?

phil-robertson-1024x640Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty are on the news everywhere. Lost in all of this “free speech/free life/free faith” debate is another issue. I wonder if a core struggle isn’t, really, “our expectations.” And our American culture’s definition of right expectations.

Do we honestly expect all reality TV shows or public personas to be PC? OK, politicians know the vote-getting game. But who else do we expect to be politically correct? All athletes? All of our kids’ professors? All of our neighbors? All of our coworkers? And if they are not “careful with their words,” they each should be punished, financially and otherwise,  for what they say or believe? For what they are?

Never really be yourself. Isn’t this just what GLBT people suffered under? Catholics and Protestants in Ireland? Sunnis in Iraq? Jews in pre-WWII Europe?

I read this in a George Orwell book once. Say only this. Act like this. Be like this. Or else. We’re watching.

At it’s core, Political Correctness is a means to bully, dehumanize, and enslave.

Just me, but I like it when people are themselves. However they are. People deserve the chance to live an unfeigned life. The truth tends to set people free.  Honesty, even when offensive, opens the way for respectful dialogue. Allows the setting aside of anger for common ground. Encourages people to be as-they-are human. My experience is that all spiritual and emotional growth begins with an honest assessment of reality.

While Phil is a poor spokesman for equal rights (btw, a job he never auditioned for), he has always seemed authentic to who he was and is–a self-disclosed ex-druggie, carousing, redneck, then-Bible-believing, older Southern man. And isn’t this what A&E was selling? No one watches Duck Dynasty for the polish and tastefulness. Live the unfeigned life, Phil.


  1. Well put and makes waaaay too much sense. Just “tain’t” the way it is too much “bullying” out there. Enjoy your “outputs”.

  2. Well spoken and I agree 100%. It’s a shame that those who speak the truth biblically are then ostracized for that. Have a blessed Christmas!

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