strait talk: short observations on life


My wife, as a kindergarten teacher,  is used to getting gifts which are collisions of youthful preferences and thankful parents. To wit:

the Christmas Cactisaurus. Wow.

“Um. Nasty hump you have there.”


#THANKSGIVING    11-27-2013

At our family gathering, I asked, “So what are we doing tomorrow on Thanksgiving, Isaac?”My five year old nephew, who is going through an Indian stage (feathers not dots):

“The men are going hunting for bears, but the women have to stay here and cook. It’s the law.”

OK, then. Makes me want to beat my chest and grunt.


#FATHERS  11-8-2013

“So, Dad, how did your CT scan turn out?”
“Just fine. My aortic aneurism hasn’t grown at all.”
“That’s great. Just take it easy, Ok?”
“I promise. But I’ve got to go. We’re cutting and splitting wood today.”

(Inhale. No changing the man, Lord.)


#NUNS    10- 26-2013

Attended early morning chapel and prayers at the Franciscan Retreat center in Woodland Park today. Wonderful time, but I’m feeling a bit sheepish.  I was kicked out of my original chair by a stern 93 year old nun.

Note to self: they have assigned seats at the convent.

nun angry

#FATHERS    10-18-2013

“Um, Dad. What are you doing?”
“I’m looking for a newspaper. ”
“Dad, what you’re really doing is going through a garbage can at the airport.”
“Saves money.”

Come quickly now, Lord Jesus.



  1. I went to Google Earth and seeing I will never get to see the land of my roots I use it a lot when visiting the UK.
    Brad I have not see such beauty since I was in Scotland visiting my Grandmothers grave. She was Mary Livingston. from the 1500’s and lived in Edinburgh right in the chambers next to Mary Queen of Scotts.
    I want to visit the UK again someday before I die and hit the places where my ancestors lived. London, Warrington, Liverpool, Blackpool, Livingston. But I fear my health will not allow me so is.

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