an average fan at the super bowl

There is nothing special about me. And yet, I’m sitting at the Denver airport, watching the snow removal plows out the window, waiting to fly to New York for the Super Bowl. Unbelievable.

Honestly, I am the average fan. Many of you deserve to be here more than I do. I love the Broncos, but my Super Bowl attire comes from the seasonal aisle at the grocery store. I own no Broncos-orange tennis shoes, leather jacket, or logo’d Stetson. I have no Elway or Manning shrine in my home, and would die before I’d wear a fur coat like Pat. My home theater TV sits on a shelf. Although I inherited two season tickets, I have to sell some in order to afford to go to any games. I’m traveling on frequent flyer miles, and I am booked into a sub-moderate New Jersey hotel miles from anywhere. (I have rat poison boxes packed…) I’ll be taking pictures and writing for any of you other normal fans, if you care.

How did I get this opportunity? Well, my wife and some close friends from church, knowing that a Super Bowl visit is etched in stone on my bucket list, worked it out. They are organizing the trip, and sending me to the Big Game. I am amazed and greatly blessed. I don’t deserve it, I know. It is way too expensive for the average fan. But no matter. Push the snow from the runways, you bright orange warriors! I’ve got a coach seat to a game where the real bright orange warriors play.



  1. We will pray for the snow to stop! For safe travel and a good time. What a great opportunity! Just shows you are loved and appreciated. We will be cheering for a victorious Bronco Team. Blessings, Al & Fran

  2. I hope you have a great trip. My daughter and grandchildren live in Fort Collins and son and grandchildren in Lynden, WA. I myself am a college football fan so am less than average Seahawk fan, and will be happy whoever wins. I just pray for class acts by all players, fans and especially the refs.

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