prayer keys: prayers from the car seat

Growing up, my children often would talk to me from their car seats in back. It became, in a sense, our private time. No cell phones or video screens intruded back then. And I wasn’t too fixated on my work or solving problems.

“Daddy, what is that place?”

It’s a park. Would you like to come here some time?

“Why do cars have lights on the front and back but not on the side?” 

They can have lights on the sides. But the most important ones are in front, so the drivers can see where they are going and other people can see them.

“Will Grandma have cookies, do you think? Her house smells good.”

I think Grandma always makes cookies for you if you ask nicely. You are very special to her.

  “Daddy, is that blue car over there broken? Should we pray for them?”

Of course. Dear Jesus, please help them get their car going and have a great day. Amen. (and the “Amen” echoes in young voices).

    “Is there a McDonald’s on this street? I need french fries.”

I like French fries, too. But if we stop, we won’t eat mom’s dinner. What do you think she’s making for us? (mostly, I just said, “sure.”)

I would always answer back over my shoulder. While keeping my attention on the road to keep them safe, I would answer them. Always.

Our prayers with God should be like this.

“God is nearer than any thought or feeling of ours…If all the evil things in the universe were around us, they could not come inside the ring he makes about us. He always keeps a place for Himself and his child, into which no other being can enter.” – George Macdonald

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