prayer keys: planting and resting


According to the Bible, fear and faith are opposites. So our prayers, when enwrapped in churning anxiety, lack a faithful trust in God. Don’t get me wrong — God often answers an anxious prayer, for he is good. But it is the prayer offered in faith which is full of God’s power (James 5:15-16). So pray, and then relax. Jesus has heard.

“When it comes to the practice of heart prayer, give up all concerns about success or failure. What you are doing in these times is planting prayer within yourself so that it will be there the rest of the day. It is very much indeed about planting a seed in the ground. You just put it there and let it take its natural course. Don’t keep digging it up to see how it is growing. Don’t try to manipulate or control it; just notice it, appreciate it. Entrust its care to God.”

         – Gerald May, The Awakened Heart

“Flourish”, from Buschart Gardens, Victoria, Canada. Photo by Brad.

One comment

  1. Hmmm. I think I get what you mean about fear & faith. Certainly Scripture says, “Faith casts out all fear.” And, countless times God speaks through men and angels, “Be not afraid.” But as I look at such texts as the Psalms, it seems David’s fear actually led him into a more intimate relationship with God where his faith was strengthened.

    What are your thoughts?

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