Pain’s clarity. 

So, thanks to knee-replacement surgery a few days ago, my life’s priorities seem to have shifted. Pain is a clarifier. In order:

1) my wife/nurse/cook/driver/ice girl

2) legal pain killers

3) my soft, warm broncos blanket

4) Jesus

I know the order is wrong somewhere, but it feels true. Jesus is supposed to be on the list, for sure.  I think. It’s hazy. I haven’t had a devotional time in days.  Can’t read yet. I am praying a bunch. Short, passionate prayers.

NOTE TO SELF: When we are in enough pain, reducing it or escaping it can become our main focus. From now on, be more gracious to people in pain.


  1. The Good Shepherd watches over His sheep, He makes them to lie down in green pastures, He leads them beside still waters, He restores their soul, and heals all their infirmities

  2. Hey, I feel your pain, I had both knees done. Work through the pain and do the exercises and you will soon see improvement. It’s tough, but be patient with yourself!

  3. You can do this! I couldn’t read for the first month after my full knee replacement Sept. 12th, 2016. DO THOSE EXERCISES, no matter what, and keep on! I’m continuing to do mine 5 1/2 months later. Strong legs will protect you and your new knee. Gosh it’s fun to be lecturing my pastor! Many prayers for a full recovery.

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