a funny thing about toe tags

I glanced across the kitchen this morning to a post-it note my wife had left as a reminder for herself. Upside down, I read her writing, “Get Body Bag.” I looked again. Whoa. Sometimes as a husband I can be a pain, but I didn’t see this level of conflict coming. I didn’t even know she was angry at me. But maybe she’s planning a felony. Just saying.

I saddled up closer, and picked up the handwritten note (perhaps to save as evidence). Now it clearly read, “Get Baby Bag.” OK, much nicer.  A shower is coming up. Whew.

Note to self: no more NCIS for a while. And buy flowers. Or tomorrow it might say, “Get toe tag.”



  1. Very funny Brad!! I am sure Cathy, and yourself, has a lot of excitement around baby girls arrival! I can’t wait to hear of it myself!!

  2. Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that CLEAR couldn’t register my fingerprints last week…? XO

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