normandy: remembering the fallen

As I leave the grocery store, I notice young women in bright red “Budweiser” bikinis giving away free cheeseburgers in a big BUD tent. Denver weather is rainy, 55 degrees and overcast-cool.

I build a burger and talk with them for a minute. One’s a dental hygienist. The other is studying to be a surgical nurse. Budweiser Girls, I learn, trying to make some extra money with their looks. I comment, “As a dad with daughters your age, I want to tell you to put on a sweatshirt. You must be frozen out here.” They shiver. “It is freezing!” they say. “Hey! Take a selfie with us and post it on Facebook.”

Hmmm. I imagine an online photo of a gray-haired pastor hanging with half-naked beer girls in front of a liquor store. With too many likes and shares.

“Um. No thanks, ladies. Would require too many explanations. Have a great weekend!” Chewing on my burger as I walk away, I read, “Celebrate Memorial Day.” Beer and bikinis. Pools and parties. This is the new American way of remembering, I guess. They’re sweet and all-American, but I don’t think these Budweiser Girls really get it.

There is more. Remember.

(Below are some of my photos from Normandy, France, and from the Caen Normandie Museum)
american cemetary
American Cemetery, Omaha Beach, Normandy, France, by Brad
Utah Beach Memorial



d day photo

Paratrooper Chapel at St. Mere Eglese





normandie in the rain
The buried swords of Omaha Beach
Omaha Beach Memorial


Remembered at Omaha.
My father, Cmdr. Don Strait, and me at the American Cemetery, June 2015.


  1. As humanity struggles through these end time because they are not in the word we must pray for them, not indulge them as you so coherently didn’t, and finish our burger with a hope that they will be somehow touched by the word!
    Thx Brad, I love these posts, high school friend of mine and Brother in Christ!

  2. My Friend Pastor Brad. You do US (United States) proud by your rememberances. These
    FREEDOM Fighters must always be thanked in their mansions above with Him.

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