a beautiful election prayer

Last night and this morning at church we prayed this beautiful election prayer:

Maker of All Things, we invite You now

     into our feelings of discomfort, confusion, anger, fear, and worry

     over How Things are Going to Be.

We are reminded:

That Jesus did not resist the political regime of his time,

     but instead preached the Kingdom of God.

That Jesus did not condemn or punish,

     but instead healed, fed, traveled, talked, and ate meals with people.

That Jesus did not worry,

     but instead prayed when he was troubled.

We acknowledge that human leaders are flawed.

We acknowledge that human systems fall short.

We acknowledge that hardship is always present this side of eternity.

We acknowledge that Jesus will save the world.

     Not a politician. Jesus.

     Not a judge. Jesus.

     Not a celebrity or even a pastor. Jesus.

We acknowledge that Jesus has already begun that work;

     In us, with us, through us, Jesus is saving the world.

We acknowledge that the Kingdom of God is expanding, unstoppable.

     We ask for Your Gracious Love.

     We ask for wisdom and compassion.

We ask for strength and courage to do our best work for Your kingdom, work that will  last.

We ask for goodness and mercy to follow us all the days of our lives.

We ask for our faith to grow.

We set aside worry; instead we take up grace and peace, which You offer abundantly.

     We put our hope in Jesus Christ, and in His kingdom.

     We give thanks that our future is safe in Your hands.


(From Fran Pratt, at FranPratt.com)


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