need a fresh perspective? climb a tree.

Sometimes, our perspective needs to change before our life can.

Zacchaeus, the chief tax-collector and community traitor, needs to turn his life around (Luke 19:1-10).  When he hears that Jesus is nearby, he scrambles into a tree, hoping to get a glimpse of the Miracle Worker. Between the branches, we are told that he sees Jesus, and that Jesus sees him. Even more, Jesus cares about him, speaks to him, and steps into his world. Zacchaeus’ life is changed forever, both in Jericho and in eternity. Just by climbing a tree.

What change of perspective do I need today, Jesus? Please don’t let my pride or my schedule get in the way of seeing you. Lord, show me the tree I need to climb! Don’t let me miss it. Help me climb high enough to see you clearly. Amen.

zacchaeus by maryinasia
“Zacchaeus” by maryinasia (

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