safe and dry


It rained today, a light and drippy Colorado winter rain. But it reminded me. We are a forgetful species, and we need reminding. I’m remembering the caterwauling drumming of really heavy rainfall on the roof and window panes. Cloud-burst and squall wrapped in dark wind. You know, the kind of rain that defies the functionality of any gutter and waterfalls off every eave with anger. The kind of storm where you feel the thunderous motion shaking the very air. The type that seems to steal the daylight. That overfills every low spot on any property in a moment, creating its own waterlogged landscape. Beyond umbrellas. Torrential. Teeming. Overwhelming. Even frightening. The kind of rain which seems to want to wash all life away.

Have you ever been in this kind of rainstorm? I’ve been there, too. I remember thinking, “Thank God we’re inside, safe and dry.” It is a special sensation to be protected from chaos.

And so it is with God’s beloved ones. Flash and pound and rain on, world.

“Those who dwell in the shelter of the Most High will always rest under the roof and eaves of the Almighty.” (Psalm 91.)

“Unafraid of the Storm” by Brad


  1. Thank you Brad for this great reminder. I still have PTSD from all the rain last Spring, which did exactly as you describe. It even gushed from several windows into our basement, flooding, flooding. It did this for 3 weekends in a row. I was in ill health anyway, and this was a very hard trial for my husband at 87 years of age, and myself as well.. I prayed and prayed for the Lord to stop the rain. Take the storm, even take our house so I wouldn’t have to deal with it all. He did not answer that prayer, but gave Grace beyond measure. Gave health and healing and cleaning and repairing. God is still on the throne and we still have our home. Safe and warm during any more storms. This was a good reminder.

    • Thanks for weighing in, Joy. We know that God has seasons of rain and shine for us all. Hope your health is stronger now too.

  2. As I read this, we were getting some of the eleven inches of rain in East Texas that we received this past week. Although we are high and dry, there are many displaced persons whose homes are flooded. One lady I know lost her home to fire several years ago and now her new home is underwater. But she continues to praise God and accept his will in her life. I know her witness of faith will encourage others.

    • I’m one for those who lose homes and things storms. But I am thankful for those souls stay dry. God bless you Elizabeth!

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