Sabbath Wisdom

“How beautiful to do nothing, and then rest afterwards.”

– Spanish Proverb.

Lord, I’m bad at slowing down. I have difficulty hitting the pause button. My life is a moving target. Please teach me the true spirit of rest. Help my body unwind, my mind divest itself of concerns, and my heart settle into a place of “shalom.” Give me a chance to rest, unburdened, for a while. Amen.

Honor the sabbath, and keep it holy.
Honor the sabbath, and keep it holy.


  1. I am “fracturing” mentally from all the stress I have faced for many years. It is the Hope I have in Jesus that keeps me goingi

    • Sometimes, my friend, holding it together is all we can do. Jesus helps us in our lives, especially in the fractures. Easter reminds us he gets our pain and situation completely. One thought: look for a mini vacation each day. 10 minutes to sit and reflect on the goodness of God and the beauty of life. Helps me a bunch. You will be in my prayers.

  2. With cases of stress and depression on the rise in the western world, we really need to learn to rest from our labors. To press the pause button and the sabbath affords us that.

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