In Ashes and Flames

888 (2)-0
Ft. Logan Winter Shadows, by Brad

At the children’s sermon during this week’s Ash Wednesday service, 50 or so children crowded the front of the church. I explained that for centuries, Christians have put ashes on their heads to be reminded of our struggles and sins. For Lent, we remember that without God’s love, we all have bad ideas and actions in us. They were captivated and helped me generate a list of our own sins: lying, hitting our sister, not obeying our parents, not wanting to share. I then demonstrated burning a small leaf of a palm frond to make ash. As I lit the palm, fear filled one young boy’s eyes. I guess it was all too much. “We’re all going to die!” he exclaimed loudly. Oh, the joy of genuine contrition. And truth.


  1. This is amazing on so many levels and another example of why I am glad my church doesn’t have children’s time. I got tired of ducking down in the pew!

  2. The little children lead us, in matters of faith large and small. How grateful I am to have the blessing of being with them every week.

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